I am front-end developer with 5 years experience of web-development.

I have professional skills in:
- HTML, including HTML5 and XHTML
- CSS, CSS3 animations
- javaScript and jQuery
- Wordpress sites and themes development
- Responsive websites development
- CSS Framework Bootstrap
- Landing pages

Reviews about my job:
upwork, weblancer, free-lance.ru.

My works

Brits awards

Site of British annual popular music award. HTML5, CSS3, JS, animate.css


Website that allows you to work with Instagram faster and easier. JS, HTML5, CSS3, custom scroll, mobile view.


First European resort to embed top quality personal development programmes. Sketch to Wordpress, HTML5, CSS.


Wordpress site of german studio. PSD to Wordpress, HTML5, CSS.

Urban Helper

Startup for independent contractors who are available to help you by the hour for a particular task. HTML, CSS, PSD


Site for studio of software developers in Ukraine. PSD to HTML, CSS, jQuery.

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